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Vaping is a leisure game, but it becomes a sport when chasing clouds. For comprehensive knowledge, Vaping is simply the act of chasing clouds through E-cigarette.

Vape geniuses are increasingly growing at a geometric rate. Quite a lot see vapers and begin to wonder how it is done. Not to worry, we will explicitly highlight how to achieve some of the biggest vape clouds, how cloud chasing vaping works, and safety precautions to guide you through. Now, let's, deep dive!

biggest vape clouds

How Does Cloud Chasing Vaping Work?

Cloud chasing vaping could be fun and, if not done correctly, can be harmful to your health. Understanding how cloud chasing vaping works will help you avoid the dangers involved and constantly improve vape clouds. How does it work?

  • Airflow

Cloud chasing vaping is airflow. Although the biggest vape clouds started with trial and error methods, as an amateur, getting the help of a professional will help you avoid the possible dangers of wrong air intake and improper manipulation of the air.

Apart from that, too much airflow could destabilize the clouds and cause a suspension that will, in turn, weaken the vapor density.

  • Posture

Cloud chasing is not only a function of airflow. Your body posture defines the quality of the air you get out of vaping, and for instance, sleeping or lying while cloud chasing has been known to reduce air quality. This is why to achieve optimum vape clouds; you need to be upright or sitted.

Now that we know how cloud chasing baking works, how can we achieve the biggest vape clouds?

How To Achieve The Biggest Vape Clouds

To get the biggest vape clouds, there are certain things you need to know. If you have decided to be a cloud chaser or you probably want to do it for fun and achieve the biggest vape clouds, you need to understand the following:

  • Your Knowledge of Vapor Inhalation and Exhalation Must Be Exceptional.
  • You also need to understand how a Sub Ohm Rebuildable Atomizer (RBA) works with adjustable airflow.
  • It would help if you had a bottle of E-liquid whose PG is less than the VG in ratio.
  • Patience plays a crucial role in you achieving the best cap clouds.

biggest vape clouds

Safety Precautions To Take Note During Cloud Chasing Vaping

To avoid injury, I will be highlighting a few of the safety rules you need to follow to avoid being caught off guard during cloud chasing vaping

  1. Regularly examine your Vape mods

Sometimes, there is unnoticeable damage or burn to your vape mod batteries. Constantly cross-examine your vape mods batteries to reduce the risk of getting burnt.

  1. Do not use incompatible batteries.

Using batteries that are not compatible with your vape mods puts you at the risk of getting hurt. Hence, it would help if you always used a compatible battery to avoid overheating

  1. Understand The Atomizer

Understand your RDAs. Although sub-ohm tanks are catching up, RDAs remain the best performer and are easy to understand amongst all tanks. It has 100% vapor production.

  1. Do not use mech mods

To be on the safe side and to avoid possible injury, do not use mech mods. They offer raw power, which is not recommended for both new and experienced cloud chasers.

  1. Wick Properly

Wicking properly entails using thick materials. This is important in the free and efficient use of air to the coil.


For efficient cloud chasing, you need to follow all highlighted safety precautions as you can achieve some of the biggest vape clouds with them.


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